Wylie Gators Sports Pub

After three attempts, count ’em three! my husband and I finally made it into Wylie Gators Sports Pub & Grill in Lake Wylie, SC. The first time we stopped by, there were no parking places. The second time, we had our teenaged son with us and after a peek inside, got a little skeered. There were no patrons under the age of 30 or so, and we moved on to someplace else that night.

On Monday, it was just my husband and I, so we decided we’d give it a try. The pub was very clean, not too loud, and the sports themed decor provided lots of interesting things to look at. Outside was pretty crowded, so we opted for an inside table along the wall where we could watch all the action.

The first item that popped off the menu were chicken wings, “Voted Best in Lake Wylie.” Naturally, I had to give that a try. They were priced for people bad at math: $7.99 for 10 (79.9 cents apiece), $15.99 for 20 (79.95 cents apiece), $40.99 for 50 ( 81.98 cents apiece), and $77.99 for a hundred (that’s where the quantity discount kicked in).

I chose the signature sauce, since I’m a big believer in ordering whatever is named after the restaurant.  “Gator” sauce promised a spicy burst of flavor with a hint of garlic.  Tony chose the Parmesan Garlic, since he wanted more than a hint.  The Gator sauce was very saucy – – and messy!  The waitress brought us lots of extra napkins, without our having to ask.  Extra points for that!

I preferred Tony’s Parmesan Garlic sauce (crispier chicken, great flavor), and he preferred the Gator sauce, so it all worked out.

There were lots of “regulars” at Gators . . . very friendly crowd, lots of interaction and laughter all around.  Wylie Gators strikes me as the type of place that might get a little rowdy now and then . . . at least, as rowdy as life in Lake Wylie can get.  Dinner and a show, what a deal!

So were the wings truly “Best in Lake Wylie”?  Probably so.  More flavor choices than either Christopher’s or Tbones on the Lake, very meaty, a good solid choice.  Service was terrific, and we enjoyed our dinner.  Not a place I’d take my mother . . . and I’d probably recommend take-out for family meals.

They do have bands and special events on a regular basis, and if you’re a Steeler’s fan, you’re family.

Thanks for reading my blog!  For more Lake Wylie restaurant reviews and other Lake Wylie information, visit LakeWylieInformation.com.


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